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Professional Coaching to Help You Live Better in Challenging Times 

Tailored-to-you approach, evidence-based practice and make a difference too.

Feeling stressed out, worn down or just a little stuck?

When we're dealing with personal or professional challenges, it can be hard to enjoy our lives to the full.


These stressors wear us down - draining our coping resources and leaving us feeling frazzled, depleted and often stuck in our situation, unsure about where to go next.  

While this takes its toll on our happiness and wellbeing, it can also affect our relationships with loved ones, make us less productive at work or home, and stop us from achieving our ambitions. 


Over time, it may even increase our risk of developing longer-term mental health issues - something that should be avoided wherever possible.


Therefore, through professional and accredited coaching, we help you reclaim your life in challenging times - enabling you to find calm, regain control and get your spark back again.  

We'll also help you discover what you're made of when things feel tough - boosting your confidence, coping skills and resilience, and leaving you better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you, both now and in the future.  

And when you use Cothan's services, you'll also make a positive difference - by helping fund free mentoring sessions for young people who have been in care or experienced other life challenges. So not only do you benefit, but you'll be helping someone else's future too...

Ready to find out more?


"Kerry has helped me enormously through our coaching sessions. We have tackled so many issues : imposter syndrome, letting go of the need for control, identifying my own strengths and using these effectively, creating a more sustainable work life balance, saying 'no' and mindfulness techniques. I felt completely at ease and able to be open and honest throughout. I am now calmer at home and more confident at work. Thank you."


GP Partner, Kent

What will you gain from coaching?

Amongst many other things, coaching will help you:

  • Regain calm and clarity when things feel overwhelming.

  • Boost your well-being and resilience safeguarding your mental health and helping you thrive.

  • See yourself in new, more positive ways tackling self-critical or Imposter Syndrome thinking head-on.

  • Harness your own strengths and capabilities increasing your belief in yourself and your ability to cope in any situation.

  • Reconnect to what's important to you so you know your priorities and values, and can use these to light your way forward when things feel uncertain.    


Why choose Cothan Wellbeing?

Professional coaching

Meaning university training, accreditation with a professional organisation, ongoing development & years of experience.

Free initial consultation

So you can make sure coaching is right for you before you commit.

Fantastic Reviews

Read what other lovely people say about us here.

Make a Difference

As a minimum, 25% of our net profits go to charities that help improve the lives of disadvantaged young people.

Not sure whether coaching is right for you?

Coaching is:

Driven by you - you know your life better than anyone and therefore coaching doesn't tell you what to do, impose advise or push you in any particular direction. Instead, we work together on your level to understand the challenges you face - so we can see them more clearly and and find effective strategies for tackling them. 

Not about 'fixing' you or your situation - instead coaching is about empowering you to develop your own strengths and coping  resources, and build the skills you need to self-coach yourself effectively through both current and future difficulties.

About moving forward  - instead of focusing on the past, coaching looks at where you are now, as well as where you'd like to be. This doesn't mean that past events won’t be considered – but only if they are affecting your well-being and resilience, and stopping you from getting to where you want to go. 

Not the same as counselling or therapy - although coaching can boost your psychological wellbeing and help you navigate stressors well, it does not offer treatment for mental health disorders. Therefore, if you are experiencing severe or ongoing depression or anxiety or have recently experienced traumatic events, please initially speak to your G.P. or a mental health professional.

Still not sure whether coaching is right for you?

The Practicalities

Coaching sessions are held:

  • In person at the Beacon Clinic - ideally situated if you live in Malvern, Worcester, Ledbury, Upton-upon-Severn, Tewkesbury or any areas in between.  

  • Securely online via Zoom - to give you maximum flexibility and choice. 

Our fees are currently £65 for a 1-hour session (or £90 for a 1.5 hour session), with a 10% discount if you book and pay in advance for a block of 6 sessions.

Discounted rates are also available (for online sessions only) if you are: 


  • aged between 18 and 24 and not in full-time employment.

  • a student not in full-time employment.

  • receiving certain benefits such as universal credit.

For further details, please get in touch.


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"Really easy to talk to - helped me to turn my negative thoughts on their head and see myself from a more helpful perspective."

Primary School Teacher, Herefordshire

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