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Make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged young people when you use our services. 

In today's climate, life can be challenging for young people at the best of times. For those who have not had a great start in life, it can be even tougher - with adverse childhood experiences linked to both poorer mental and physical health outcomes further down the line*.  

To avoid these negative consequences, early intervention and support is crucial. That's why - as a minimum - we donate 25% of our net profts to charities that help promote the mental health and well-being of disadvantaged or vulnerable young adults in difficult times.


Wherever possible, we also offer free mentoring sessions to low income young people (aged 18-24) who have either been in care or experienced other difficulties in their lives - enabling them to increase their coping skills and resilience, and move past their challenges in ways that allow them to thrive. 


We  really couldn't do this without you - so when you use our services, not only will you benefit, but you will be also making a positive difference to the life of a young person too. 

To find out more about how Cothan Wellbeing supports young people, or to talk about how our coaching services can support you, please don't hesitate to get in touch

*Nelson, C.A., Bhutta, Z.A., Burke Harris, N., Danese, A. and Samara, M (2020). Adversity in childhood is linked to mental and physical health throughout life. Available at: (Accessed 26 July 2023).

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"I felt valued, truly listened to and understood. I felt like the sessions were shaped around me and not vice versa."

Healthcare Professional, Scotland

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